inside the studio

Studio LH is beauty on a mission


Logan and Haley met in cosmetology school, with absolutely no idea that they would become business partners, much less lifelong best friends. They both knew they wanted to use hair and makeup services as a platform to serve others, so when they realized they had the same vision, Studio LH was created.


Logan Renee

Logan has styled hair from a young age, and always knew she wanted this to be a career. Her personal style is showcased in all of her work, and she loves customizing her styles to suit every request!

When Logan isn't slaying the hair game, she enjoys spending time with friends and playing soccer.

What Haley says about Logan: "Logan is the funniest, most caring, and overall the absolute best person you'll ever meet. She is dedicated to her craft and it always shows in her work. She is my best friend and the best business partner I could ask for!"


Haley Cator

Haley has been providing makeup services since 2010. She loves meeting new couples because everyone is so different! Haley is a full time stylist at a local salon, and specializes in blonding services.

During her free time, Haley enjoys spending time with her girlfriend and their two dogs.

What Logan says about Haley: "Haley has the biggest heart. She would do anything for anyone, without blinking an eye. She's beyond talented, makes every client feel beautiful. I couldn't ask for a better person to be by my side!"


first picture

This was our first picture together in 2015! We were hiding behind a dryer during a game of hide and seek at school. Our brows and bangs have come a long way ;)


wake up call

Time management is very important to us, and we always manage to make time for our java!

We love Starbucks, but we also love discovering local coffee shops around town.


dream team

We are always professional, but give us five minutes and you'll see that we love having a good time! It's never a dull moment with us, but that's what makes us unique.